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Beginning Friday, July 8, 2022, all vehicular traffic entering the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport via Brooks Avenue and Airport Road will experience a temporary traffic pattern shift due to the construction of a roundabout on Airport Road (see attached map). Passengers should expect lane reductions upon entering the Airport campus from Brooks Avenue and will traverse a temporary road that will be constructed north of the work zone. The road detour will be posted and detour signs will direct all vehicles through the construction zone.

The objectives of the project are to provide a route from the Airport Road to the Smart Phone Lot and to improve traffic flow and safety through the intersection of Airport Way and the Airport Road. Initial reviews of the traffic flow have indicated that vehicle speeds coming from the Airport Road “Jug Handle” are difficult to judge from the Airport Way intersection.

Passenger Arrival and Departure Access to Terminal:

The Upper Level Departures roadway and the Lower Level Arrivals roadway will remain open for passenger and visitor drop-off and pick-up throughout the duration of construction.

Passenger, Visitor and Employee Parking:

The Hourly Parking Lot (Purple Lot), Long Term Parking Garage (Orange Lot), Weekly Parking Lot (Green Lot) and Airport Shuttle Lot (Yellow Lot) will not be impacted by construction. All parking lots will remain open and accessible to the public. Passengers and visitors are encouraged to follow the signage along the Airport campus to find their desired parking location.

Smart Phone Lot:

The Smart Phone lot, located southwest corner of Airport Road, will be closed during construction. To accommodate for this closure, the old Smart Phone Lot, located between the Green Lot and Yellow Lot, will reopen for residents picking up passengers from the Airport. Signage will be posted throughout the Airport campus directing people to the temporary Smart Phone Lot.

As always, passengers are encouraged to arrive at the Airport at least 90 minutes prior to their departure times and to follow the detour signage during this period.

The anticipated timeframe for completion of the roundabout is scheduled for 19 weeks once work commences. Detours will be removed on September 30, 2022.

Masks At ROC Airport - Required

Due to Governor Hochul’s announcement updating COVID regulations from the New York State Department of Health, masks will still be required in all public transportation entities within the State of New York. The order includes the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport. We will update if the policy changes.

Masks On Flights

Individual airlines reserve the right to require masks aboard their planes. Please refer to the requirements of the airline you are flying. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we traverse these changing times.

COVID-19 and #ReadySetROC

ROC Airport follows the guidance provided by public health experts at the Monroe County Department of Health and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during any public health incident.  In addition, the ROC Airport routinely disinfects and cleans high traffic areas at the airport like handrails, escalators, elevator buttons, restrooms, food court etc. ROC has increased hand sanitizer stations available to passengers throughout the airport and will continue to coordinate with our airport tenants and monitor interagency protocols. 
Read more about the #ReadySetROC initiatives in place at ROC for passengers here.

For more information, please visit the Monroe County Coronavirus Information Page, which includes links to resources at the CDC and more. 

Passengers are encouraged to contact their airlines directly with questions related to reservations and flight status.  
Airline information can be found here.


About ROC

ACDBE (ROC) Goals 2022-2024

Pursuant to US DOT regulations 49 CFR PART 23, the Monroe County Airport Authority is required to establish a Race Neutral / Race Conscious Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) goal program update.  This goal is based upon projected concession opportunities, the availability of eligible ready, willing and able to work Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, and past participation.

A goal of 1.71% is proposed for car rental and 2.10% non-Car rental opportunities, at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC).

Your comments on the proposed overall goals are encouraged and will be used for informational purposes to develop the final established goals.  The methodology used to determine the goal will be available for public inspection during normal working hours, Monday through Friday at the Monroe County Airport Authority, 1200 Brooks Avenue, Rochester, New York 14624 until October 20, 2021.

For assistance contact, Stephanie Lucania, Grants and Contract Manager at (585) 753-7155 or email


The above Public Notice was distributed to all stakeholders by email on 10/06/21 and published on the Monroe County Airport Authority website for 14 days


Advertising Opportunities

ROC offers a variety of opportunities for local businesses and corporations to advertise their products in our terminal. Our Airport is a great place to purchase advertising space, the advertising is highly visible throughout our terminal and is available on both sides of security. Over 2.5 million passengers traveled through ROC in 2018 and that doesn't even count the hundreds of thousands of meeters and greeters that fill our airport annually.

ROC is the first impression business travelers get of the Greater Rochester region. Advertising at ROC portrays the many important contributions local businesses and corporations have leant to our regions economic vitality. For more information about advertising in the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) please contact or contact us at 585 753-7020.

Six billboard locations are available for advertising along I-390 adjacent to the Airport.  For more information about advertising on these billboards please contact Lamar at 585-244-5330.

Airport Tours

**NOTICE ** In light of the recent developments related to COVID-19, the ROC Airport – based on suggestions from the Monroe County Department of Public Health – is suspending our Airport Tour and Sleepover program. 

Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for this inconvenience and we will let you know when airport tours/sleepovers become available to rebook in the future.

To see how it all works, the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport offers an Airport Tour Program. Tours are available and offered without charge to groups such as schools, scouting organizations, senior centers, church clubs, professional societies, etc.

What You Will See
Our tours provide a close-up look at Monroe County’s airport and how it operates, as well as useful traveling tips. Tour participants see an airport in action.

In addition to airport and aviation commentary by a tour guide, presentations may be offered by different airport specialty groups, such as airline representatives, U.S. Customs, airport fire and rescue, airport officials, law enforcement agencies and security specialists etc.

We can customize a tour to fit the interests or special needs of different groups. Tours generally take one to three hours and group sizes are typically limited to 24 people.

Making Arrangements
Advance reservations are required, and can be made by filling out our online reservation form:

 Book Airport Tour or Scout Sleepover Online

If you have any questions please contact Airport Administration by email or phone (585) 753-7020.

Air Cargo Facilities

We provide the service and efficiency your shipping operations demand with outstanding cargo facilities, congestion-free air space, a wide selection of commercial carriers, U.S. Customs and a location in easy reach of major U.S. markets.

Our cargo shippers include:

Aviation Services - Fixed Base Operators (FBO)

Friendly professional staff members are ready, willing and able to go the extra mile to provide flight crews and their passengers everything they may need. USAirports and AVFLIGHT offers a wide variety of aviation needs such as, maintenance, avionics, weather/ flight planning, quick turn fuel service, de-icing and much more.

USAirports Flight Support
1295 Scottsville Road
Rochester, New York 14624
Phone: 585 527-6835
Fax: 585 527-6837
USAirports Flight Support website

AVFLIGHT Rochester Corporation
1205 Scottsville Road
Rochester, New York 14624
Phone: 585 235-9040
Fax: 585 235-5816

Business Opportunities

The Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport periodically has terminal space available for food, retail and service concession business opportunities. As these opportunities develop, Monroe County will advertise a “Request for Proposal” in The Daily Record and other business publications for the specific concession. Please refer to recent editions of the The Daily Record for any current request information.

Construction, Planning and Environmental Information

The Monroe County Airport Authority proposes an overall goal of 6.9 percent for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) funded projects for federal fiscal years 2021, 2022 and 2023. The proposed goal and its rationale are available for inspection during normal business hours at the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport, 1200 Brooks Avenue, Rochester NY 14624. Comments on the goal will be accepted for 30 days from the date of this notice by the Monroe County Airport Authority, Maryanne Fedison, Finance Administrator, 1200 Brooks Avenue, Rochester NY 14624, and the FAA Office of Civil Rights, Alexander Horton, DBE/ACDBE Compliance Specialist, FAA South Florida Flight Standards District Office (CMO-29), 2895 SW 145th Ave., Suite #291, Miramar, FL 33027.

2020 Landside Projects

Approach Depatures Corridor/EA Runway 10-28
Project includes the collection of and interpretation of data for the Runway 10-28.  The findings of the EA will allow the FAA to fund obstruction removal.

Project Funding: FAA Grant & Local Funding
Project Period: Completion 3Q 2020

2020 Terminal & Building Improvements

Emergency Generator Installation
The Airport will install two new 750KW emergency generators & related equipment to provide improved first class electrical service during utility grid outages.  These units replace two 20-year old generators

Project Funding: Local Funding
Project Period: Completion 2020

Refurbish of Passenger Loading Bridges
This project will provide for the replacement of four existing passenger loading bridges, including preconditioned air units and electrical service for the existing bridges.  This scheduled and planned refurbishment program will continue the useful life of this important equipment.

Project Funding: PFC Funding
Project Period: Completion 2020

Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Building Study
The Airport master plan updated recommended construction of a secondary SRE Building at the Airport.  This study evaluates required size at a concept level.

Project Funding: Local Funding
Project Period: Completion 2020

2020 Airfield Improvements

Perimeter Service Road- Airside
This project funds the construction of a new alignment of the existing perimeter service road outside the Runway Safety Area and Runway Object Free Area of Runway 4-22 in the Little Black Creek Corridor. Bids received in 2019.

Project Funding: Proposed FAA Grant & Local Funding
Project Period: Completion September 2020

East Apron- Concourse B Rehabilitation
This project will replace existing airport pavement as recommended by the Airport Pavement Management Study.

Project Funding: Proposed FAA Grant & Local Funding
Project Period: January - December 2020

900 Ramp Rehabilitation
This project will replace the hangar floor and related aircraft parking apron to improve aircraft safety.

Project Funding: NYSDOT Grant & Local Funding
Project Period: January – December 2020

Runway 10-28 Parallel Taxiway
This project will construct a new 2,500 foot segment of east/west taxiway for Runway 10-28, south of the runway, including upgrading of the interested pavements at Taxiway H and Taxiway F.  This taxiway will align with Taxiway P, which starts at Taxiway F and connects to the Runway 28 Threshold.  The relocation of FAA owned navigation aids may be required. This project is depicted on the approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP).  The environmental assessment was approved in 2019.

Project Funding: Proposed FAA Grant & Local Funding
Project Period: Completion Summer 2021

Heavy Equipment
This project will provide for the purchase of replacement equipment to be used for airport field maintenance and safety operations.  This scheduled and planned heavy equipment replacement will be for a glycol recovery vehicle and snow removal broom.

Project Funding: PFC Funding
Project Period: Completion 2020

2021 Landside Projects

Parking Guidance System
This project will install a parking stall occupancy monitoring sytem for the approximately 1,400 covered stalls on Levels 1 & 2 of the long term parking garage.  Informational signage will assist driver's to quickly decide where to park.

Project Funding: NYSDOT Grant
Project Period: Completion 2021

Roadway Improvements
This project will continue the ongoing upgrade to the airport circulation roadway network that was constructed in the 1980’s to support terminal improvements and existing operations.  The project will evaluate access to the new Smart Phone Lot from the terminal curbside for vehicles returning to the Smart Phone Lot.

Project Funding: Local Funding
Project Period: Completion 2021

Parking Improvements
Review parking facility infrastructure for repair, renewal or replacement – regular annual program for updating the surface lots and garage.

Project Funding: Local Funding
Project Period: Completion 2021

2021 Terminal & Building Improvements

Airport Building Improvements – Restroom Rehabilitation
This project will provide necessary improvements to rehabilitate three airport restrooms and bring them into conformance with current ADA Building Code Standards.  The restrooms are located on Concourse A, Concourse B and the upper level departures – west end of the terminal.

Project Funding: PFC Funding
Project Period: Completion 2021

2021 Airfield Improvements

North Ramp Rehabilitation
This project will replace existing airport pavement as recommended by the Airport Pavement Management Study.

Project Funding: PFC Funding
Project Period: January – December 2021

General Aviation Improvements
This program in 2021 initiates improvements to the aircraft ramp & existing aircraft hangars that are accessed from South Hangar Road on the public side.  Initial projects will include building evaluations & pavement rehabilitation.

Project Funding: Local Funding
Project Period: Completion 2021





Employment Opportunities

The Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) is owned and operated by Monroe County however most airport employment opportunities are through the Federal Government, VMD Corp.Mapco Parking, car rental agencies or the airlines. Limited janitorial and maintenance positions are occasionally available throught the County. Check the Human Resource Department Job Opportunity page for openings, if any.

Federal Employment
Air traffic control positions are handled by the FAA. Some security positions are handled by the Transportation Security Administration. 

Security Screening 
Security screening at ROC is conducted by a private vendor. Security screening employment opportunities can be found at the VMD Corp., web site.

Parking and Shuttlebus
Parking attendants and shuttlebus drivers are employed by a private vendor. Apply online with MapcoParking.

Airline Employment
Airline employment opportunities are handled by each airline individually. Applications can be obtained by visiting the airport and contacting each individual ticket counter. Opportunities are also available online.

Car Rental Positions
The car rental agencies located in the airport terminal do their own hiring. You may apply at their counters within the airport or visit their websites. For a complete listing of Car Rentals service ROC, please click here.

PrimeFlight Aviation Services
Wheelchair and Skycap services are provided by PrimeFlight Aviation Services.  Applications can be submitted online at the website by clicking here.

Federal Aviation Administration

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for all aircraft operations on the ground and in the airspace of the Rochester International Airport. The FAA operates the Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Click here to visit the FAA website.

Rochester Air Traffic Control Tower
1375 Scottsville Road
Rochester NY 14624
Phone: 585 463-3800

FAA Flight Standards District Office
Rochester FSDO, EA-23
One Airport Way, Suite 110
Rochester, NY 14624
Phone: 585 436-3880
Fax: 585 436-2322

FAA Flight Service Weather

Flight Schools

There are two Flight Schools located off Scottsville Road across from the Frederick Douglass Greater Rochester International Airport. Use the links below to view the information on private flying lessons and working towards your private pilots license.

National Air Carrier Association

Founded in February 1997, the members of the Air Carrier Association of America have brought affordable airfares to the American traveler. The deregulation of the airline industry was based upon new entry, open markets, and a level playing field. Our goals include enhancing security and safety requirements while improving the travel experience. In order to expand opportunities for airline competition, the Association works with airports, business travelers, consumer groups, and local officials to eliminate barriers that block meaningful competition by low-fare carriers. We want to ensure that carriers have the ability to compete at all airports throughout the U.S. We also want to ensure that all travelers have low-fare options. To achieve these results, we continue to urge Congress and government agencies, including the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration, to take all steps necessary to promote the future of deregulation.

By promoting the availability of low-fare service, we have allowed American travelers to:

  • Visit family members
  • Go away to school
  • Take hard-earned vacations
  • Receive important medical treatment
  • Visit hometowns and see old friends
  • Provide valuable travel experiences for children and families
  • Be there for the birth of a child or to be with a loved one
  • Make valuable face-to-face contacts for business
  • Take last minute trips

Learn more about the National Air Carrier Association

Upcoming Projects

Bid packages for projects at ROC Airport and Monroe County can be obtained by visiting the Purchasing Department section of the Monroe County webpage.

Visit the Purchasing Department Bids Page